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Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to show you Club Strikes using two RMT Clubs. These are the two pound clubs.

So here's what it is and we'll break it down: I'm going to bring the clubs outward, then come to the center and hit the clubs at the center. I'll come back up and repeat the motion. I want to go very slowly at this and I can choke up at first so that I can really pattern the confidence to let go and move with total commitment towards the center line with both hands. Because of the steel shot inside of the club, when we impact, the steel shot creates an internal explosion that helps to dissipate the force, so you're not left with that stinging feeling in your hands.

The shot not only deadens the force, but it also creates a dynamic shifting load that helps us to pattern the timing as well as creating a stopping resistance that increases the dynamic loading throughout the exercise; lot of things going on here.

We want to go slow first and pattern the movement to perfection. From there, we can increase the force of that movement to turn it into a dual-purpose objective. We want to educate your body to move better and we want to condition you. We don't want to hijack your workout by working on skills, we want to create an invisible learning environment where you gain skill but you're getting conditioning [and mobility training].

For you trainers out there, this is literally solid gold because when you employ this with your clients, you're giving them what they want but you're also giving them what they need. It's all integrated and you are that plus-one trainer who's capable of giving them a better experience. That's more money in your pocket and that's more results for your clients. That's club strikes, our basic variety, using two RMT Clubs.

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