Train like Jui-Jitsu World Champion Xande Ribeiro with this full body WeckMethod training session. The goal here is to perform some general conditioning with moderate to advanced coordinations mixed throughout to keep up his athletic potential. Utilizing the full arsenal of Weckmethod Products we dive into some pairing that allowed Xande to explore rotational intent from the center and then express it through Rotational Movement Training®, all while giving him a taste of how each of our tools could amplify his training experience.

To do this workout you'll need ProPulse® Speed Trainers, SoleSteps™, a power twister or heavy resistance band, Atlas stone or sandbag, a high flat surface to place stone/bag onto, and a kettlebell. Perform 30 Reps of each exercise within each pairing. Alternate between each exercise as many times as it takes to complete the allotted repetitions.

           Pairing A

  1. Stone to Box - Stone or Sandbag and Elevated Surface

  2. Hollow Body Pulsing - ProPulse® Speed TrainersPairing B

  3. Bulgarian Split Jumps - ProPulse® Speed Trainers

  4. Goblet Squat - Kettlebell, SoleSteps™Bulgarian Split Jump 3.jpgBulgarian Split Jump.jpgPairing C

  5. SVG Split Squat - Kettlebell, SoleSteps™

  6. Broad Jumps - ProPulse® Speed TrainersSVG Split Squat.jpg