BOSU® Elite Online Instructor Course

The WeckMethod BOSU® Elite is the first new BOSU in 14 years. It took thousands of hours of testing and hundreds of athletes to develop. It was specifically created to enhance squat mechanics, increase vertical jump, improve speed, and spring load your feet and spine for more powerful and efficient ground-force reactions. The Elite provides a training stimulus much different than the original BOSU® Balance Trainer. The new design, firmer dome, and unique programming all work together to develop (and maintain) positions which specifically load your body to achieve greater force reactions with the ground and enhance athletic movement.

The BOSU® Elite online instructor course dives deep into the details of the new Elite starting from its inception, to individual exercises, and ending with client cueing. The online course is intuitive and easy to access. It includes comprehensive video instruction and in depth tutorials to ensure that you have a full understanding of how to properly perform and cue the exercises, as well as the science and concepts behind each exercise.

The BOSU® Elite online training includes the BOSU® Elite at a discounted rate! This gives you a great opportunity to get the product and education, so you can add to your value as a trainer and impart new training techniques to your clients. If you are serious about improving your clients' overall mechanics, mobility, strength, posture, and force production, this training course is for you.

Education and CECs / CEUs

After passing the BOSU® Elite online instructor training you will receive a 2 year certificate of completion and access to an online portal where you can review new exercises, programming, articles, etc. as well as download program formats and creatives.

CECs/CEUs: Pre-approved for 0.9 CEUs with NSCA. Provider #L1281

You will Learn

You will learn the essential differences between the BOSU® Elite and the original BOSU®. You will learn the new concepts in squat and gait mechanics, force vector training, and sensory motor training as it applies to the Elite. You will learn how and where to position your feet to harness the power of dynamic dorsiflexion to create the greatest energy return. You will learn how to align the body using the Power Position™ to maximize efficiency and power. You will learn how to properly assess and identify how the BOSU® Elite relates to your clients needs, limitations, and areas of improvement.

You will also learn:

1. How to use the BOSU Elite to improve squatting mechanics

2. How to use the BOSU Elite to improve standing posture

3. How to use the BOSU Elite to improve walking and running mechanics

4. How to use the BOSU Elite as a “Hub" for more effective movement preparation

5. How to use the BOSU Elite to “prime" the body for heavier lifts

6. How to use the BOSU Elite to bulletproof your feet and ankles and improve agility

7. How to use the BOSU Elite to strengthen and stabilize the 4 quadrants of your core and mobilize the hips

8. How to use the BOSU Elite to improve performance of your non-dominant side

9. How to use the BOSU Elite to align and maximize the power in your hips, pelvis and spine

10. How to use the BOSU Elite for key strength training movements to improve overall strength and power

Equipment and Registration

There are three (3) registration options when registering for the BOSU® Elite online instructional training course: Standard (which includes the course plus equipment at a discounted rate), Without Equipment (if you already have a BOSU® Elite) and International which applies to all participants outside of the United States. Equipment purchased as part of the online course will be drop shipped to your preferred address.

Payment Options & Discounts


Standard Registration

(Includes Equipment)


Registration Without Equipment

Select this option if you already have the required equipment for the course (The WeckMethod BOSU® Elite).

International Registration

Select this option if you live outside of the United States. Equipment is not included. If you need to purchase equipment, please email for a list of international distributors.

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