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The New BOSU® Elite by WeckMethod

The BOSU® Elite incorporates new dome material designed to provide resistance rather than instability for the latest innovation in performance training. Unlike the original BOSU® Balance Trainer, the BOSU® Elite creates a powerful, pressurized elastic resistance, intensifying strength, core, and ballistic exercises and “primes" the body for heavier lifts and more force production on the ground. The increased stability of the BOSU® Elite also makes it ideally suited for beginners, rehabilitation, and the active aging population.

BOSU® Elite also introduces a numbered 'Power Line' and textured 'Power Zone' to provide visual and tactile cueing for precise positioning to maximize the effectiveness of every exercise.

Compression Training

When you "compress" the BOSU® Elite's new dome, it generates more feedback and creates greater resistance. The more you push into the dome, the more it pushes back into your body.

Core Training

The BOSU® Elite intensifies core exercises by using resistance to stabilize and engage your body. Additionally, the BOSU® Elite's visual markings help position the body for maximum return.

Ballistic Training

The pressurized force of the BOSU® Elite's new dome creates instant feedback and generates more force reaction, enhancing speed, agility, and explosive power during ballistic movements.

Reflexive Training

The BOSU® Elite improves the reflexive movements of your body and strengthens your stabilizer muscles to improve balance, strength, and center of gravity so you can move better on the ground.





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  • " The carryover from the BOSU Elite has been huge. PR's and records in track, basically every sport. "

    Dr. Chris Holder, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach - Cal Poly University
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