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Click the button to register and access your interface. Registration and training is free with your purchase.




Welcome to the free SoleSteps® Exercise and Training Videos included with your purchase! We are excited to get you started. If you haven't logged in and poked around, here's how you register your product and navigate the interface.

  • Click the registration button above to register your SoleSteps® and access your interface. Registration and training is free with your purchase.

  • Once in your interface, select "Free Training Course", then select SoleSteps® Exercise and Training Videos

  • Watch the introductory video which will give you a play by play on how to navigate the videos and exercises.


If you are already logged in, and stay logged in, you can always access your interface by going to the SoleSteps® sign up page (this page) and selecting the resume button on the right of this page for Desktop or at the bottom of this page for Mobile users. ***It's good to bookmark for easy access***

Go at your own pace.  It's important to learn the foundational techniques, however after that, have at it exploring various workouts and progressions.

If you're having trouble accessing, don't hesitate to email with the subject line "a little help here!"
Please let us know how we can make your experience better. We love suggestions! Email using the email above with this subject line "Hey, I have an idea!"
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