Course Overview


The format of this course is “follow along to feel” step by step instruction that will teach you how to form the 8 hand positions and then apply them into 5 movement techniques. 

Each hand position will help reinforce your ability to master the other hand positions.  You will gain mobility, strength and dexterity of your hands as you go through this process.

Your hands can have a profound effect for your ability to move your body with greater efficiency and power.  Each of the 5 movement techniques will utilize specific hand positions that correlate to these techniques.  You can expect to increase joint mobility and fluidity, overall range of motion throughout your body, increased unilateral strength as well as multidirectional and linear speed and efficiency.

You will learn the simple formula used for preparation and recovery so that you are able to train to fullest capacity more often.  There is a classroom section at the end of the course for those of you who want to “go deep” into the how’s and why’s Fascially Integrated Strength Training is so effective.

Enjoy the course!  And we welcome your feedback.





Master & Apply 5 Training Techniques