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The RMT® Rope

Used by top level trainers and professional athletes alike, the RMT® Rope is a key training tool that helps integrate your entire body and enhance communication between your large and small muscle groups, tendons, and connective tissue. The RMT® Rope develops mobility, coordination, core strength and rotational power on both sides of your body.

Each RMT® Rope is made with a durable braided rope (1 lb.) which offers a flexible bend for performing dynamic movements and a customized grip to help build articulation, coordination, flexibility and strength in your hands and forearms. RMT® Ropes come with easy accessible exercise videos free on WeckMethod's website or YouTube channel.

Performing continuous movement patterns using the RMT® Rope allows both sides of the body to work together - using the dominant side of the body to educate and build mobility, timing, coordination and strength in the non-dominant side of the body, also known as Non-Dominant Side Training™. The RMT® Rope also utilizes the principles of Rotational Movement Training by employing three-dimensional circular movement patterns which focus on the rotational movements of your body through the use of your shoulders, hips, pelvis, and legs, developing muscular integration while building coordination, agility and balance.


Race and Chase

Matador's Wheel

Dragon Roll

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