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About WeckMethod

“It’s about mastering the vertical movements and rotational movements of the body. Every movement, athletic or otherwise, stems from these two forms of motion.”
David Weck

WeckMethod training creates a better athletic foundation to improve movement and performance. Developed by the inventor of the BOSU® Balance Trainer, David Weck, WeckMethod combines innovative equipment and specialized training to enhance the body's vertical and rotational movements improving body mechanics , functional strength and athletic balance.

WeckMethod teaches that "balance" is more than "not falling down." It's about balancing both sides of your body, balancing strength and coordination, balancing power and efficiency, and balancing athletic movement with proper body alignment.

Our training objective is simple: to provide everyone, regardless of age or ability, innovative techniques and equipment to help continuously improve athletic movement and sustainable functional strength.

What makes us unique?


Unifies, strengthens, and balances the body by combining rotational movements with specialized equipment, compound integrated movement patterns, and skill based high intensity exercises.


Focuses on improving the non-dominant side of your body to minimize deficiencies and enhancing strength, coordination, and balance.


Teaches you to establish and maintain correct muscular tension throughout the body to allow you to load the ground with more power and efficiency during athletic movement.


The “Power Position” properly aligns the body’s feet, hips, pelvis and spine to create greater force production and efficiency during athletic movement.