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Made in the USA, the RMT® Club is a first of its kind functional training tool designed to integrate and strengthen the body from head to toe. Its core application is used for improving functional strength, rotational power, mobility, coordination, core strength, conditioning and balance. It offers you a complete full body workout as well as the ability to focus on specific targeted areas.

What makes the RMT® Club so unique is its patent pending design. The RMT® Club incorporates a durable, flexible club head with a strong handle, giving it the ability to withstand high intensity exercises including ground strikes (recommended on padded surfaces) and high intensity swings in all directions. It also incorporates an " internal shifting weight" for dynamic resistance and audible feedback that can be used to create and cue fluid movement patterns (no sound) or intense resistance when changing direction (sound).

The RMT® Club was conceived using three main principles: Rotational Movement Training® or (RMT) - the ability to maximize efficient rotational power throughout the body; Non-Dominant Side Training™- improving the non-dominant side of the body to minimize deficiencies and enhance overall performance; and Tensional Balance Training™- establishing correct tension throughout the body allowing you to load the ground with more power and efficiency during athletic movement.

The RMT® Club comes complete with a training DVD including detailed instructions on 21 foundational exercises covering the entire body. Your purchase also includes a full 40 min workout, FREE online access to additional videos, sports specific workouts, and an exercise wall chart.

RMT Club Full Body Exercises | The Bailer

RMT Club High Intensity Exercises | Ground Strike

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RMT Club Includes

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  • " The RMT® Club is truly one of the most versatile and unique training tools in the industry. From professional athletes to physical therapy patients, it provides a sensory enriched training stimulus that takes motor control and coordinated movement patterning to the next level. "

    John Rusin – Sports Performance Physical Therapist – The Strength Doc
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  • " WeckMethod RMT® Clubs are the most functional and versatile tool I own. It's the perfect blend between high intensity movements and functional exercise. "

    Moe Dorn - Performance Training Specialist
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  • " The RMT® Club will improve anyone’s sport. Anyone who wants to strengthen and control their core and improve rotational movement WILL benefit from this training. "

    Sandi Clexton - Personal Trainer - Owner of Women's Core Fitness
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  • " As a coach that specializes on working with junior and senior golfers, I rely on the RMT® Club to get the most out of their workouts. With the constant shifting weight and durable construction I am able to work on both mobility and stability as well speed, strength and striking with my clients. "

    Mike Hansen – Level 1, 2, 3 TPI Certified Instructor – Founder of Hansen Fitness for Golf
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