Every generation of athletes performs at a rate that surpasses that of its predecessors. This has not always been the case, but in modern times, we continue to see a rise in athletic performance with each passing year and decade.

This trend will continue for generations to come – provided mankind’s technological, political/economic and social development doesn’t derail itself and plunge us all into another period of “dark ages”. With that being said, I still have great optimism for humanity and believe we will continue to see athletic development grow and flourish.

The bar for measuring improved performance will become smaller and smaller, as human athletes continue to get closer to actualizing their fullest potential. Humans are not likely to jump 15 feet high or run 40 mph anytime soon without some major technological enhancements. There will be breakthrough innovations, however, that will elevate the global performance for next generation athletes.

The “best practices” for developing Relative Strength (strength to body weight ratio – the single biggest athletic enhancing factor) currently are widely known. With improvements in nutrition, and recovery constantly happening (some of which cross the line in terms of what is considered legal in various sports), relative strength enhancements will continue to expand for everyone.

The areas that are much less known are Coordination and Efficiency development. This is probably because these factors do not create rapid and dramatic performance enhancements that strength and power development do. Some even believe that skills like Coordination and Efficiency are not trainable.

As a result, people can’t seem to really define and put into practice the “Best Training” for our body. WeckMethod training doesn’t promote surface level balance (i.e. the external emphasis as in “not falling down”). Rather, WeckMethod™ uniquely improves and enhances BALANCE IN TWO SPECIFIC WAYS: Internal Balance, and Suspension within the body – Tensegrity.

Global Rotational Balance of Right and Left Sides. Fully Articulated throughout the body from Center to the Distal Extremities - Rotational Movement Training & Non-Dominant Side Training.

Regarding Internal Balance and Suspension, WeckMethod training methods completes the body’s bone alignment to its most optimal arrangement including the hands and feet (where 55% of the body’s bones are).

Bones actually “float” within the body (this reality is described by the structural arrangement called “Tensegrity” – Tensional Integrity) and all of the bones float better when the extremities are arranged optimally. WeckMethod’s CoreFIST™ position triangulates the bones within the hands and closes the circuit through the skeletal core to create a structural/functional and energetic return of balance, strength and power from the hands back into the center of the body.

This may be difficult to comprehend (you will find further description in the website) but with expert WeckMethod guidance, it can certainly be felt. People describe their experience as giving them a “Lift”: the feeling of Standing Taller, Feeling Stronger, Breathing Better, a Pop of Energy, a Burst of Power, and other means of describing the sensation one feels when properly harnessing CoreFISTs.

The reasons why CoreFIST works can be described anatomically from a Western Scientific perspective and also from an Eastern Philosophical perspective for how CoreFIST unifies the body’s energetic Meridians (those used in acupuncture).

As far as Rotational Balance of Right and Left Sides, WeckMethod is unique in its simplified approach to creating a better Rotational Relationship of all the joints of the body. The fundamental basics of movement are boiled down most simply to mastery of moment-to-moment positioning of “Where and When” the entire body needs to be to move most efficiently. "Where and When" are defined first and foremost by gravity. Gravity sets both the Orientation (Where) and Timing (When).  Orientation is to Vertical – the primary Rotational Axis – and Timing is dictated by the constant Acceleration of earthly bodies Downwards along the Vertical Axis.Upon this foundation of "Where and When" rests all of the aspects of human movement. In the Three-Dimensional physical world we live in, the Harmony of Rotation within all of the body’s joints in Three Planes of Movement determines the efficiency with which we move. There are no “straight lines” in any of the joints in the body. All of the joints move with a core Rotational component to flex/extend, ab/adduct, supinate/pronate. It is said that Rotation is the True Root of Power.

Techniques that WeckMethod uses to train have been developed for years and practiced to perfection by people of all athletic ability levels. The exercises and progressions have been fine tuned to increase the rate of assimilation to give you the best possible Balance, Coordination and Efficiency of movement skills as soon as possible.

So this brings me to my question, and the title of this blog post… Are you a Next Generation Athlete? Those coming up who represent the Next Generation have a distinct advantage for enhanced performance because their athletic development are grown upon a better foundation of Balance and Efficiency through the practice of WeckMethod training – which was not known prior to now.

“Young pups” learn “new tricks” with ease. My daughter and son began learning WeckMethod training from birth and to them the skills seem completely natural. They have little difficulty cultivating advanced movement skills similar to the way they learned to understand and speak language – it’s all they have ever known. But “old dogs” often have more difficulty learning the new tricks. In order to stay most competitive, they must “unlearn” certain sub-optimal habits to create more intelligent “muscle memory” (new myelinated neural pathways and the physical structural/functional changes that coincide with enhanced motor patterning).

It is for you to decide if you are “young” enough to become better. I like to believe I am never too old to swim against the current of accumulating years… At a certain point, it is the efficiency with which you swim that matters most to sustain a valiant effort to age gracefully and maintain and even expand functional capacity as time ticks by pulling you down stream. It is your choice to make.