Power is a key component to being the best athlete you can be. The faster you can apply force (in the optimal direction of course), the more powerful and athletic you will be. Strength and Power training will develop your engine. By getting stronger and more powerful, you will beef up your engine from a V-6 to a V-8. There are tried and true ways to develop athletic strength and power. But as I stated in parenthesis above, the Direction of force is also key to being more athletic. If you think of raw strength and power as your engine, you can think of the capacity to create optimal direction of force as your suspension. Try and race a human vehicle with a huge and powerful engine without finely tuned suspension. This is the same as having someone who can lift heavy things, but is not very athletic.

All movement is simply a combination of Gravity and Ground forces that must resolve inside and through the body. You simply harness Gravity force to the Ground and backup to move. Inefficiency to resolve force within the body creates “Leakage” and saps Power. In order to best direct Force outside the body, one must be capable of directing force optimally within and throughout the body. The fundamental underlying component for efficient loading and directing of force within the body is Bone Alignment. My friend – the famous MMA fighter Marcus Davis (known as the Irish Hand Grenade) coins it “Skeletal Intelligence”. When I began sharing WeckMethod with Marcus, we immediately bonded in part because of our mutual understanding and appreciation for optimizing Bone Alignment as key to athletics. Marcus Davis is not only super tough, but more importantly, he is highly intelligent and thoughtful.

He recognized immediately the significance of WeckMethod, and its enhancement and transformation for understanding development of athletic movement for fighting. WeckMethod gives your body a "PhD in Skeletal Intelligence”. When your bones are aligned optimally, you can integrate the totality of your myofascia to harness Gravity/Ground forces more quickly and completely. If your bones are not optimally aligned, your myofascia MUST engage in compensatory effort to make up for your deficiency of "Skeletal Intelligence". To feel this in the extreme, stand up and bend your spine to one side and feel the difference vs. standing upright. Getting the bones aligned optimally – all of them – enables you to transfer force within your body in the least amount of Time without leaking or bleeding force out of productive and athletic movement. When force leakage is minimized, you create the capacity to now direct forces more precisely outside of the body.