Train like Olympian and Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs in this RMT® Club inspired training session. The goal here is to perform some general conditioning with moderate to advanced coordinations mixed throughout to keep up athletic potential. Utilizing the ability to swing and rapidly change directions with the RMT® Club, we were able to simulate some unique situations specific to wrestling. Being able to adjust intensity based on how aggressively we changed direction with RMT® Club, we are able to steer clear of additional load bearing movement and tissue breakdown, which is helpful while preparing for cutting weight. 


● You'll need a RMT® Club and a pair of Dumbbells 

● Perform 30 Reps of each exercise within each pairing. Alternate between each exercise as many times as it takes to complete the allotted repetitions


Pairing A

1. Burpee Jumping High Pull - Dumbbells

2. Plank Driver - RMT Club®