Train like Olympian and Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs in this BOSU®Elite inspired training session. The goal here is to perform some general conditioning with some moderate to advanced coordinations mixed throughout to keep up athletic potential. Utilizing the ability to Compress the BOSU® Elite we are able to keep up a high level of directional intent without the need for access load bearing with the use of heavy weights. Making it easy to train at a high level with minimal tissue breakdown during his weight cuts and using minimal equipment.

  • To do this workout you'll need a BOSU® Elite and a pair of Dumbbells.
  • Perform 30 Reps of each exercise within each pairing. Alternate between each exercise as many times as it takes to complete the allotted repetitions.

Pairing A

1. Deck Jumps - Dumbbells

2. Quick Switches- BOSU®