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I'm going to teach you an exercise called Circle Stops using the WeckMethod RMT Club.

It's an exercise where the better you get at it, the more intense it becomes. The benefit of it is it teaches you how to brace your core while still maintaining breath and that gives you the ability to organize the core, stabilize the core, and maintain that core stability with the lower threshold strategy that keeps everything in reserve so that you can move with greatest efficiency.

So for the circle stops, we do a split grip; the space in between is going to give me leverage on the stop. I'm going to set up my base of support wider than my shoulder width and the idea is that I create big centrifugal circles, I like 2 reps, and then I come stop as fast as I possibly can inside the base of support. I don't want to let it come outside of the base, I want to be disciplined so that I'm going to begin the stopping process once I get inside the base, but it's going to be as fast and as short a distance inside the base as possible before I go to the other direction, and I get it going as fast as I can. So its the transition where you're going to have to pulse. It involves a little compressive exhale. Every time you stop, every time you change direction, you're going to need that pressurization and if you do repetitions of it, it literally teaches your body how to brace instantly and do that with an endurance factor so that you're not tightening everything to brace the core. You're bracing the core, but the other stuff is still in reserve.

Obviously, we want to do both hands [for Non-Dominant Side Training™], you'll feel the difference, and you want to make the circle very clean so you don't want hot spots or edges in the circle. I don't want to come out here and bring the circle in here and make the circle not expansive and circular. That's going to take a certain amount of core coordination and that disassociation from the base from the thoracic, so I'm able to take and move thoracically while maintaining a nice stable center and then that changing direction makes for such a fantastic exercise.

I've taught this to many people and it's deceptive in terms of how challenging and taxing it is and the results lead to a very powerful and integrated core capable of better rotation [Rotational Movement Training] and making your body move better. That's the circle stops with the RMT Club.

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