RMT® Club Pike-Ups: Get Your Club Now

Pike-ups with the RMT® Club creates a better connection from the hands to the core that transfers fluidly to ground based movements such as running.

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This is the WeckMethod RMT® Club exercise called the Pike Up.Here's what it looks like: Back is flat on the ground.That's the key, I maintain that throughout the exercise.Legs are up.The club is parallel to the ground.

I'm going to raise the club up overhead, lower the leg nice and straight and then come back up. Repeat with the other side and perform repetitions just like that. So, benefits of this exercise: Core stability, hip mobility. You're going to have a nice stable core, you'll have nice mobile hips. That will help you run faster and more efficiently and be more athletic and reduce the chance of injury.

We're putting in a supple, just a subtle little cue for the wrists that's going to build a skill for you over time to allow you to harness the hands better to give yourself better running mechanics. And it involves just a little bit of a cocking of the wrist.

It creates a better fascial connection from the hands down to the hips. You'll learn more about that later but that's the technique.So let's break this down in to progression.Lower back is flat. If the back comes up, limit the range of motion.Set the club down here.Screw down your lats. Drive your shoulders down, keep the club parallel to you and the ground. Knees are bent, feet are flat on the floor.You're going to straighten one leg up.Pull the toes down to the shins right here. And now you're going to lower that leg very slowly, carefully. If the back starts to come up, that's where you stop. You don't go to a place where your back is going to arch. If you can make it all the way to the ground, driving that back into the ground, that's perfect.

So first master this, and then you're going to work the arms up. Notice how the club is relatively perpendicular to the ground right here. You can relax the head if necessary. I like to keep it up.It really hollows and makes that body, the anterior very strong. I'm driving through the heel and I lift it up. You're going to repeat on the other side of course.

To progress it to more advanced, now you're up here with the feet. Club is parallel, driving it down here.That sets the hands and the lats.Connecting to the hips. We're going to lower and raise. Keep the club in position if necessary. Limit the range of motion if the lower back is coming up from the floor.

So, immediately following that exercise, we're going to use that muscle memory, the body positioning that we've created. I want you to stand nice and tall, squeeze the butt, set the pelvis. Now relax the butt, tying it in with the abs.You're going to perform stretches. Keeping the back nice and flat.And you perform little stepping stretches here to reinforce what we just did on the floor.

The idea is, we take this core strength, core stability, hip mobility and we transfer it to ground based movement. So that is our exercise called the Pike- Up using the RMT Club.

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