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RMT Club Functional Strength Training

RMT Club Instructor Training

The RMT® Club is quickly becoming the go-to training tool for both fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike. Its unique design makes it extremely versatile and able to perform a wide range of exercises from strength training, to sport-specific training, to mobility and conditioning. Additionally, it opens the door for new avenues in functional movement patterns, exercise progressions, and gym application. If you are not yet familiar with the RMT® Club, check it out here.

The RMT® Club Instructor Training Course is a great way to effectively learn and properly utilize its unique design to improve functional movement, mobility, rotational power, coordination, balance, and non-dominant side mechanics.

You Will Learn

As part of this course you will be taken through the RMT® Club's features and design, key training principles including Rotational Movement Training™ and Non-Dominant Side Training™, as well as foundational movement patterns and exercises including:

  • Safety and Acclimation
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Swinging Movement Patterns
  • Striking Techniques
  • Sudden Deceleration vs Fluid Deceleration
  • Counterweight Exercises
  • Dynamic Progressions and Traveling

The RMT® Club course runs approximately 6 hours with breaks for snacks and lunch. Each participant will receive manuals, PDFs, and most importantly, online access to a full library of updated exercises, new content, articles, and downloadable programming formats. Equipment is available for purchase at the event at a discounted rate.

You will obtain a certificate of completion at end of this course.

What you Need

Please wear suitable workout clothes and appropriate footwear and bring a towel and a water bottle. Lunch is not provided, however, there are many healthy options close by. We also recommend bringing a snack.


If you can't make the in-person course, no problem! Now, take the course online!

Click here to sign up for the online course: RMT Club Online Course

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