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Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to talk about double club programming with the RMT Club: how we do it and why we do it with WeckMethod.


One of our principle reasons is non-dominant side training®. When you do symmetrical patterns that work equal and opposite with both the dominant and non-dominant sides at the same time, we get a real-time assist in terms of the coordination of the non-dominant side.


Here's the best way that you could find this out for yourself: Take a chalk board or a white board, draw block letters of the alphabet (A, B, C, D....) [at the same time with both hands]; The quality of your non-dominant side lines will look clean and crisp like the dominant side. Now put the dominant hand in your pocket and try to do the same thing. Notice that it's just not as clean because we don't have that real-time assist happening, the way that the brain synchronizes itself.


So we use two clubs and we pattern fundamental movements. This is equal and opposite symmetry that we're seeing in terms of our functional capacity. Now, very strategically, we take away the dominant assist and now we assess the quality of just the non-dominant. It will not feel as clean, almost guaranteed. The key is you tick-tock back and forth; give it the assist, now [monitor] its intent. Put your mind in the non-dominant side, how is it doing, what is it doing. Okay, now with only the non-dominant side, let's see if we made the quality a little cleaner, see now how it's starting to get better. That's the idea. That's how we do it at WeckMethod, there's tons more. Thanks for watching. Train hard, train smart.


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