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Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to teach you a sequence of rotational movements using the RMT Club. R-M-T is Rotational Movement Training.

We're going to begin with a thoracic twisting motion. The idea here is you want the pelvis to stay nice and neutral, lumbar spine nice and neutral, and I want to rotate thoracically. The RMT Club has that shifting steel shot in it that I'm going to slowly ratchet up. I can emphasize the shifting, I can feel it, I can hear it, and I can emphasize it in different directions. Of course, what we do on one side, we want to do on the other [for non-dominant side training].

We want to go nice and easy at this at first, so if you have any restrictions, you'll be able to grease them and help unblock them, after which you may increase the speed. Make sure you're staying nice and rooted as if you were on a horse, keeping your pelvis neutral. Big time application to sprinting, the ability to move and keep stability down in the hips along with mobility and stability in the pelvis.

Now we're going to progress to the Searchlight (a core strengthening exercise). Grab the club at the end with both hands in order to increase the lever arm. Starting with the club directly out in front of you, swing the club in a horizontal arc. There is a definitive stop on either side through the range of motion. Let that shifting load chamber on either side. Definitely work both sides with this one, don't always swing it the way you like to. Swing it on the side where you're not as good and make it good. The key on this one is that there's a lot of bracing going on, so you want to maintain breath control so that you're able to keep up your endurance. You're not holding your breath, but you're moving the breath and focusing on the exhale. The inhale with take care of itself.

Last one I'm going to show you is a Searchlight that's taken all the way to a strike. You'll need a padded wall, this round padded pillar works perfectly. I come in here and it's like that tornado wall kind of deal. I want to stand parallel to the wall (or pillar) and perform a Searchlight. The difference this time is that I'm extending the swing all the way around to strike the wall or pillar behind me. Using a padded wall and the RMT Club means you can really unleash. Obviously, you'll want to do both sides. Again, there's a bracing aspect to this with that rotation. You want to develop breath control throughout the movement so that you develop the strength, endurance and efficiency that will unleash your capacity to express power. If you're only strong for one rep, you'll never be able to grease the groove enough that you have that flow and that athletic efficiency that we seek.

That's three movements with the RMT Club. It'll create a nice little heart rate response, you'll get a sweat. It's a fantastic thing to plug into any exercise or routine you're doing. It's very fast and efficient at conditioning you and preparing you to move more athletically

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