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David Weck here teaching you a new RMT Club exercise. This one is called a plank with a swing through.

[It’s] fantastic for core stability, shoulder mobility and stability. So here's what it looks like. I'm going to do two variations. First one I'm going to be planking onto the hand.And then for a more advance exercise, planking on the elbow. And it's kind of weird how planking on the elbow would be more advance but you'll see how it is because what we have to do with the Club. So we're going to set this up solid plank, single arm.

I want to take the club and reach it up as high as I can. I'm going to open the shoulders feeling a stretch in the pecs and even in the biceps, and really get it up. And now I'm going to swing it down, coordination, square up the shoulders to the ground and I bring that club up as high as I can on this side. And I swing it up, and I swing it down. It takes coordination. And now, I'm going to really put a swinging motion into the club.

Swing Here.

Now for an additional challenge, we're going to post it up on the elbow and forearm. So check this out. Coordination with the Club has to be a lot better. So here, we got that nice solid plank. Same deal with the club.Big up reach.Now to thread the needle and swing it out, that takes some serious coordination [and core strength] because you don't have much room to get there. Doesn't take many of those, 8-12 repetitions on each side. You'll feel the difference, throwing motion in particular. Fantastic. And when you bring that club all the way through, and you're keeping it square like that, you're going to feel that pec that's bringing it across the mid line.

It's getting a tremendous amount of work and then it gets that full open range of motion. So it's great for coordination, core strength, shoulder mobility, and stability

That's our Plank with the Swing Through using the RMT Club.

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