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Hi David Weck here, and we had a question from Matt. He's a football coach Louisiana and he wanted to know exercises with a Lifesaver Rope for football.

I'm going to show you three different exercises that will help you in the game of football using this amazing training tool.

So the first exercise is...I'll show it to you and we'll break it down breakdown. So I'm here, I'm going to flip, catch back on the inside, flip catch inside, flip, catch inside. And I want to get some speed going so let's break it down and see why it's so good for football.

Football is about the inside. If you get stuck chasing the bench press and you never learn the inside, you lose to the person who knows the inside. So this will really cue you "Boom" set up on the inside drive, connect your body so your power comes through the hips and not get stuck out here. And it also increases your grip strength, your functional abilities. Grab on with authority and move somebody or move yourself out of way.

So that movement, we'll break it down real quick. So you can get it Matt and teach your guys. So I'm in here, and I want to think elbows inside. I don't want the elbows to be out, I want the elbows to be inside. I want to extend the wrist so the palms are facing forward. I use a thrusting motion to get it up. I use my body so I can thurst, use my back, and then I grab hold of it like this. And I want to feel that control of it, and then "Boom", get them back in. So that's your first move, okay.

Second move, we call this the Alternating Discuss. There's different variations, but this is the one you want to do first. So it's just side to side. I'm going to coil and load on the back and express change and load. And I want that maximum stretch and drive. I'm trying to send that rope as far as I can on that trajectory, coil it up as far as I can and alternate sides [for non-dominant side training]. And I want to fold into the hips. Keep that drive angle and then fold, and then uncoil it. So here's what it looks like from the side. So I'm here and then here, and now watch the fold. That full stretch, activation, to full expression. That will increase your running speed, your throwing power, your ability to reach for the catch, amazing exercise and pretty simple. So the key on that is think, I'm squared up, as I go I change 180, and I go.

Last one I'm going to show you Matt is a great conditioning and hand drill that's going to give your really fast functional hands, strong pulling, change ability, and just making the arms tough. And so the exercise looks like this: I'm turning the wheel over, turn the wheel over. Here I'm using the hands to gather it [like this], and I'm just trying to go fast. And I can also now, use the forearms and start boning up the forearms, especially when I hit that black tape part, you're going to know it. Now, I'm tougher for football and I got great conditioning. So there's a ton more we can do with our Liffesaver. It's just incredible functional strength. Give it a go Matt, let us know how it goes and good luck with your football team, I want you to win! Thanks.

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