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Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm doing an exercise that we call the Grip Swing. It's for the grip, but it's also [a rope workout] for the whole body. I'll be using the WeckMethod RMT Yoke Rope.

Here's what it looks like then we'll break it down: Take it right in front of you and just swing that baby. Gather the handle and just swing it. I can go both directions.

Let's break this down, but first, let's talk about people who work with their hands: Masons, farmers, etc., the people who are stronger the rest of us because they work [at jobs that require functional strength]. That's what this product does. It makes you functionally, and ridiculously strong. The grip strength and the tie-in to the body is exceptional from this device.

So as I'm here with the rope in front and handles in both hands, I'm going to just drop one handle and I'm going to catch the weight on the remaining handle with both handles. When the rope gets just past the bottom, I'm going to apply an upward force and that kicks the handle back up to the other side. Now I've got to go gather it, I've got to swing it into position and I'm going to go grab it definitively with the hand on that side.

After that, I just repeat and I cycle that motion. You can see there's a whole bracing action. This makes your hands very strong, that's why we call it the Grip Swing, but the tie-in to the core, through the shoulders and the coordination required to pull off the move gives you so much. It'll definitely tire you out, believe it or not. So that's the Grip Swing using the RMT Yoke Rope.

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