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RMT Rope Training

WeckMethod RMT Rope Training is different than your typical rope training. Unlike traditional rope workouts, WeckMethod RMT Rope training teaches you how to create complete, fluid movements using continuous movement patterns that promote communication between the muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. This, in turn, creates better continuity between the right and left side of your body, integrating the large and small muscles, and developing symmetry throughout the body.

By performing continuous movement patterns with the ropes both sides of the body work together so that the non-dominant side is contributing to the dominant side, and not hindering the overall performance. We call this type of training Non-Dominant Side training™. The RMT Rope also utilizes the principles of Rotational Movement Training and Spiraling™ by employing three-dimensional circular movement patterns which focus on the rotational movements of your body through the use of your shoulders, hips, pelvis, and legs developing muscular integration while building coordination, agility and balance.

Running time for the WeckMethod RMT Rope Instructor training is 4 hours. You will learn the underlying principles of RMT Ropes starting with how it works in connecting the fascia and muscle groups as well as when (and how) to apply specific techniques for individual exercises or sport specific workouts. You will learn client cueing from beginner level to advanced level, exercise and technique variations, and specialized programming formats (individual, small group and group x) in order to effectively re-teach these techniques to your clients.



You will obtain a Level 1 instructor certificate of completion after you take the course. Your instructor certificate is good for 2-years as long as you actively participate in the continued education offered for this program. You will also be given access to an online portal consisting of video content including new exercise techniques and programming formats.

CECs/CEUs: CECs/CEUs are in the certification process with both ACE and NSCA. If the certification process is not finished by your scheduled training date, then each participant will receive their CECs/CEUs when the process is complete.

what you need


Please wear suitable workout clothes and appropriate footwear and bring a towel and water bottle. Lunch is not provided, however, there are many healthy options close by. We also recommend bringing a snack.

Equipment and registration

Equipment is provided as part of the workshop. However, if you already own a WeckMethod RMT Rope, select the registration option which does not include equipment.

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