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Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to show you the WeckMethod RMT Yoke Rope with an exercise called the TNT (Tap &Turn).

Here's what it looks like and then we'll break it down. It's a big swinging circle in front, small circle in back up top.

Let's break that down. First, let me talk about the RMT Yoke Rope. This is a giant monster rope, it's heavy, it's flexible, it's awesome. It has tapered handles, develops grip, develops shoulders, develops your whole body. Great for conditioning.

First thing we're going to do with this, is we're just going to get the side swing. You want to make it weightless, you're going to float it. See how I can let go even? That's the side swing, I'm going to use that momentum. Now from there, I'm going to come up and let it come back over my head while I rotate my body. I'm perfectly neutral when the rope is toward the back of my shoulders. I don't want them to hit, they're just going be right there. So I've got the rope behind my head and now I just rotate, throw it over, make the big circle, rotate and over. You're harnessing that momentum. With the feet, we can unify and shift the back leg with that rotation. I can also get on the horse and keep the lower body the same and do that rotation thoracically. Now I'm rotating the upper body, keeping the base the same. Of course, you're going to do both sides, both directions [for non-dominant side training].

You can make it more complex by switching sides with a spinning step towards the side. It just makes you feel incredibly strong, incredibly powerful. That's the TNT, the Tap 'N Turn, with the RMT Yoke Rope. Go to weckmethod [Rotational Movement Training Articles] for more.

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