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Hi, David Weck here. I'm going to do an exercise we call the Gladiator Swing.

Let's break this down. RMT® YokeRope, big old handle. I'm going to start it with two hands. So I bring it over the shoulder and I'm going to swing. Come over the head and now I'm going to release one hand. The key is how I rotate; I rotate to pronation and then I stop it, so I've got to brace my core, anchor to the ground with my root and then repeat in the other direction.

The key is when I make that transition from two hands to one and I'm crossing the body, I have to pronate it and let it roll over. That's going to help me control it and it's going to strengthen me for that movement. I'm going to get really strong controlling holding through my hands and connecting to my core. The stopping motion, the coordination of two-to-one makes for an incredible exercise.

That was the Gladiator Swing with the RMT Yoke Rope.

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