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Hi, David Weck here. Today I'm going to be teaching you an exercise with the POWERSTAX Riser. It's a side to side lunge. I'll show it to you and then we'll break it down.

So it's a side, here. Side, and here. Side and rotate. See if you can hear that fluid resistance in the STAX Riser. So let's break that down.

The POWERSTAX Riser can be filled with water and can weigh from 5 lbs to 33 lbs. This one weighs about 20 lbs. And you can hear it. There's a fluid resistance in there and we're going to strategically use that to try to create a little extra challenge in the movement. So as I'm going to step back, I'm coming to the side. Now I can position with different angles. I did basically in that just the side progression and then bring it back fast and then side progression, bring it fast. Stepping back, here. Stepping back, here. Here. Here.

Now let's do it where I put a little added rotation with the handles. I'm on the wide handles. It can be done on narrow handles. For this one, I like the wide.

Now, when I step it back here, if I raise that up, do you see how much more rotation that requires? The mobility, the stability of that "steering wheel" as I turn that. And now I come back up to center and I roll it over. There is so much more going on. What's nice about this is I really get a proprioceptive awareness of how my hands relate to one another. The pronation and supination that has that subtle effect on my core makes the core connection. That little rotation adds so much more stretch through the upper body and the back hip flexor.

Fantastic exercise. That's our side to side lunge with the POWERSTAX Riser.

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