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This exercise is called the Surf Stance Figure 8.

What we're going to do here is we're going to pattern the motions with the RMT Club, but what we're going to first have him get into a surf stance. So here's what I want to see: I want him to be able to use that back arm nice and low, open up with that front arm again. Once again, you can see this hand is going to be nice and parallel with the wave, that front arm is going to mirror his front leg.

What we really like with this exercise with the club is for someone that is dominant in their front arm but all the motion and everything on a shortboard when your shortboard surfing really comes off that back foot. So being able to drive the fins through turns comes off that back foot. So using this back arm and being aware of that back arm is very, very important. For someone who is dominant in their front arm, it's just difficult to do.

So what we're going to do with Scott is we're going to put a club in his hand and we're going to have him do a figure 8 [for non-dominant side training]. He's going to choke up on the club so he can keep his arm nice and parallel with the club. He's going to compress down again, hands nice and tight to the body, he's going to do one little figure 8 and it's going to be a really subtle motion. What I really want is his hands to stay close, his back arm is staying nice and low and if you can see as he does this figure 8, he's actually initiating this motion from that back leg. Now he really has to pay attention to that arm because that club is in that hand. As he comes back down, see where his front arm stops. His front arm stops right at his thigh, doesn't come too far across. I want to see him stop right there, using that back arm just like that.

Swinging this thing about twenty times and you're going to start to really feel this through that whole back leg.

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