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The next exercise is called the Stringer Strike.

What it's really going to do is it's going to pattern a backside turn, so we put a couple of pads down here and we have a piece of tape to represent that stringer. Scott's going to set up here like he's surfing on the board.

Here's what I want to see in that backside turn: I really want to see him be able to compress his knees, not at his back, so I don't want his back rounded or have him leaning forward. I really want to see the compression at the knees and that back arm is going to stay nice and low and he's going to open up toward the wave, back arm comes up high, back arm stays nice and low and comes back down. So what I'm going to have him do is do that turn and touch the deck, go hand on deck.

So now we're going to use the RMT Club to really pattern that motion, put in some weight in that front hand. As he does that backside turn, he's going to strike the stringer with the club. You see that striking the stringer keeps everything nice and aligned over the stringer. That really helps you balance that board. Let's have him strike out front, it's going to throw him out forward and now you see his body is out in front of the stringer and he's on his toes. Too far back and now you can see he's hurting his knee [here's a few Knee Strengthening Exercises] and it's really unhealthy for his ankle in that position. Doing it one more time, keeping that back hand nice and low, everything is nice and aligned.

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