Alright, this exercise is called the Lock and Load Squat [with the RMT Club]. Start in this athletic position with feet shoulder width apart, unlocking the knees, hips nice and unlocked. You're just going to bring the club up all the way over your head and keep your dominant hand on top [Learn more about non-dominant side training here]. Bring the club up over your head and tap the back of your shoulder, and then you're going to drop down into a squat and lock the weight in.

Here's what you're going to see from the side: What you see from this angle is you're actually going to see that everything is balanced over the feet. The feet are where the stringer would be, so if you lean too far forward, then all of a sudden, that's the way your board is going to go into the water. If you lean too far forward, that's where your board is going to go, that's where you're going to fall. You really want everything to balance over the stringer. And that is the Lock & Load Squat.

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