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Next exercise is called the Catch & Release. We're going to stand in an athletic position. And Scott is actually regular foot, so his dominant foot is his back foot, which is his right foot. So we're going to start with the RMT Club in that back hand.

He's going to choke up a bit on that RMT Club because I really want to have him have it nice and parallel to his forearm. And this is something we're going to lead into in another exercise called the Figure 8s , very surf specific. But this is just the warm up portion of it.

So now what he's going to do is, he's going to do, he's going to come across that body and he's going to catch the head of the RMT Club with his opposite hand. Now he's going to push with that back hand a little bit. What I want you to notice is, once again Scott's back foot is his right foot and that's where most of his weight should be (on that back foot), you see him using that back hip to initiate that motion. You want to do about 20 of these and then you can switch to the other side [for non-dominant side training ].

So now the RMT Club is in his front hand. He's going to do the same motion but once again what you're going to notice is the weight again is on his back foot, so he's still 60/40. So it's about 60% on his back leg, which is his right leg. Catching the club, and pushing back down.

Now we've incorporate the upper extremities, some rotation, and some core work, all in a surf specific pattern. And that is the Catch & Release.

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About DSC Performance: DSC Performance is a surf centric training facility founded by Kevyn Dean in 2004 with locations in Costa Mesa and San Clemente CA. Kevyn is the medical director and lead trainer for the USA surf team. Kevyn received his masters in physical therapy in 1991 and his board certification as an orthopedic specialist in 2005. Kevyn has trained many surfers from their early amateur careers through their pro careers including Brett Simpson, Miguel Pupo, Courtney Conlogue, The Gudauskas brothers, and Nate Yeomans.

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