Thumb rmt surf powerturn

Power Turn Strike

Thumb rmt surf airreverse

Air Reverse Patterning

Thumb rmt surf shouldertap

Shoulder Taps

Thumb rmt surf twist

Twist & Turns

Thumb rmt surf figure8

Surf Stance Figure 8's

Thumb rmt surf catchrelease

Catch & Release

Thumb rmt surf stringerstrike

Stringer Strike

Thumb rmt surf squat

Lock & Load Squats

Thumb rmt surf intlunge

Integrative Lunges

RMT Club For Surfing

RMT Club Surf Training is geared to improve both surfing conditioning and surfing techniques. The above exercises focus on the essential mechanics, conditioning and muscle memory needed to improve your ability to perform at a higher level.

Surfing involves a combination of fluid rotational movements which connect the feet to the hips, the hips to the shoulders and the shoulders up to the head and through the hands. Along with these rotational movements you also need balance and control to tie in and solidify these movements.

The RMT Club surf exercises will condition your body as well as help teach you how to position, balance, and rotate in a way which directly applies to surfing. It will also teach hand and shoulder positions to create muscle memory and train your body to perform fuller, more powerful front side and backside turns.

This tool trains the essential mechanics and movements needed to become a better surfer.

About DSC Performance:
DSC Performance is a surf centric training facility founded by Kevyn Dean in 2004 with locations in Costa Mesa and San Clemente CA. Kevyn is the medical director and lead trainer for the USA surf team. Kevyn received his masters in physical therapy in 1991 and his board certification as an orthopedic specialist in 2005. Kevyn has trained many surfers from their early amateur careers through their pro careers including Brett Simpson, Miguel Pupo, Courtney Conlogue, The Gudauskas brothers, and Nate Yeomans.

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