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So now we're going to try the Air Reverse with the RMT Club. We're going to use a club just to pattern the air reverse. At first, I just want to see Scott go through the motions of an Air Reverse. So once again, good surf stance, he's going to actually jump, go nice and slow at first, power off that back leg, land and the front arm is going to come back around. From the other side, you can see him come off that back leg, back arm comes around, nice and low, focusing on that front leg and that front arm is going to be pointing at the front leg.

What the club does is actually make the arm come around. Trying an Air Reverse and your arm goes out the back, you can fall backwards or fall forwards or you're not over your board. You really want that full rotation to come through, so having the weight in the hands is really going to help. He's going to choke up on the club first. The reason he chokes up on the club is because it's easier this way. It's a lot harder when it's all the way out because you have so much motion going on here.

So here we go, we're going to have the full jump in this. Starting out, good compression, off the back leg, arms come all the way through. Looking at it from the side, we can see all the power comes from that back leg and throwing that club through makes him come all the way through the turn.

If you can't do an Air Reverse, that's okay. The exercise is still great for landing, coming down from floaters, dropping in late, all those kinds of things.

When you land, having those arms down nice and low is really key to staying on your board. It's when your hands come up high or you fall in front of your stringer or behind yourself when you really start to fall. If you can't do an Air Reverse, that's fine. This rotational exercise is still great for balance and coordination for staying over your board.

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