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We're going to do a balance and coordination exercise now called the Integrative Lunge [with the RMT Club]. What it's going to do is coordinate everything all together. It's going to be upper body, lower body, core, balance, coordination, and timing. So in surfing, that's really what's important. Having the mobility training to be able to move and all that is really good, but you need that neuromuscular system to really tie everything in, so this is what this exercise is really going to help do.

To start the [first] of the surf exercises, he's going to get into this quick athletic position, the RMT Club is going to start in his dominant hand [ we'll switch to the other hand after the full routine for non-dominant side training], and all he's going to do is a swing, and lock it in as it comes up. Swing and Lock.

What you notice when he swings is all he's doing is using the club head as a weight, stopping it right where it naturally stops in his hand and he's not forcing it, not using too much shoulder, not using his back. You'll notice he's not (overly) swinging, he's really just letting the club act as a pendulum, locking it in when it comes to the top.

Now we're going to add his dominant knee up. So he's going to swing, and as he comes to the top now, he's going to balance and coordinate right there (on one leg). Swing again, and lock, and right back down.

In this, you really want everything parallel. You want the knee up right at 90 degrees here. You want to be able to stand firmly without arching backwards. See how everything should be in a nice straight line. If he arches too much, he's going to feel it (right in the lower back). If he leans too far forward he's going to feel it there. So everything should be nice and relaxed right there in that locked position.

Now we're going to add a lunge to that. He's going to add everything together. It's going to be timing, balance and coordination, and mobility. He's going to swing the club, he's going to reverse lunge, come up and lock, balance and coordinate. Now he's going with the timing of the club, he's not really forcing the club head back, he's letting it swing like a pendulum.

And that would be putting all three of those together.

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About DSC Performance: DSC Performance is a surf centric training facility founded by Kevyn Dean in 2004 with locations in Costa Mesa and San Clemente CA. Kevyn is the medical director and lead trainer for the USA surf team. Kevyn received his masters in physical therapy in 1991 and his board certification as an orthopedic specialist in 2005. Kevyn has trained many surfers from their early amateur careers through their pro careers including Brett Simpson, Miguel Pupo, Courtney Conlogue, The Gudauskas brothers, and Nate Yeomans.

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