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This is a mobility, stability and strength training exercise for the shoulders, but you get the entire upper extremity and a lot of bracing through the core. This is called the Lock & Load using the RMT Club.

I'm using the 4lb club. It's probably the ideal weight, the 6lb and 8lb will feel very heavy for this. So movement looks like this: I'm chambering the club and I'm trying to pop the top off and then pull it down as fast as I possibly can. You start in close to the body and just get that lock and load action. As you get comfortable with it, extend the arm out. And then obviously you're going to do the non-dominant side. You want to get that action.

You're really have to brace through the core, and you really get a nice jolt of stability and strength through the shoulders. You'll feel those shoulders really seated in, nice and expanded. That's our Lock & Load.

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