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This is a shoulder stability and mobility drill using the RMT Club. I'll be using the 4-pounder; if you have shoulder issues, you may wish to begin with a 2-pounder. We [also] have 6 and 8-pounders, but they will feel heavy. This is called Shoulder Rolls.

I'm going to do backward shoulder rolls first because there's a lot less risk of impingement. We're going to use the dynamic load inside the RMT Club to really coordinate that glenohumeral rhythm through the shoulder, because that's what we really want: to have the mobility and stability combine. [Read up on Shoulder Training: Importance of Stability & Motion] We're going to start out very athletic. You want to think in terms of "catch the weight", so it's a timing; you can hear it catch. In the beginning, you can go very slow and let the weight roll down and then catch it. Notice how I'm moving my body, rotating my torso to create that rhythm.

I can make the torso stay more stable to get more range of motion, but I want to make sure that I have that rhythm first. Here, I increase the centrifugal force. There's no sound from the club and I get that nice expansion as I create that rhythm in the shoulder and really open it up. I'm choked up on the club, that will make it easier. To make it more challenging, just hold lower down on the handle to create a longer lever. Again, you begin with that catch.

For forward circles, we really want to groove that rotation with the torso on the forward circle first and make sure you're not getting that impingement. Same rules apply; we want to get that catch, move the whole body and really feel athletic. The shoulder will be healthy the more athletic you are. Turn up the volume here and go feel that expansive force through the shoulder and that's your shoulder rolls. You'll feel nice and open, stretched, loose and strong. With the shoulder rolls, do both sides and compare and contrast the difference [for non-dominant side training].

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