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Hi, David Weck here and I've got an RMT Club exercise for you today called the Single Arm Swing with a Double Chamber. We use this exercise to really seat the shoulder and give it tremendous stability, strength and coordination, and to train the non-dominant side , so you make things better on both sides of the body.

It is a very challenging exercise to do right, so I'm going to break it down. Here it is in its full form: I swing it out, I create a double chamber that I can hear, that I can feel, I get that feedback. I want to get that non-dominant side as well. [For non-dominant side training® ] make sure to listen to the club. It's a very rapid-fire double chamber. I'm really learning how to use the lat to seat the shoulder and make the shoulder very strong in its stable position . It'll help me throw better, it'll help me press better, it'll just give me better posture. Everything is better and it's very athletic.

To break this down, we want to go simple steps first. You just want to swing it out and then catch it; you want to feel it. Gentle catch at first, and now we want to pull it into the catch. You want to use the lat to really seat it first. You can hear it, you can feel it, and you've got to brace to use your lat to really pull it down. The hard part here is the drive up to create that double chamber effect. If you don't keep the shoulder seated with the lat and you rise up, you'll hear the shot roll and it won't chamber, so it'll be more like a chamber and then a roll shift, as opposed to a chamber and another chamber shift. What you want to do is you want to drive it down and then keep the shoulder seated with the lat and drive it up. It's a very rapid-fire connection and you're going to get that feedback.

Same rules apply on the non-dominant side. First, you're just going to get that nice, easy chamber, you're going to pull it down with the lat and then progress to a drive and chamber. You're going to put that together and get that feedback right there. Be patient with that second chamber. It's very challenging to do. Rotate back and forth between the dominant side, which will be easier to do, and non-dominant side so you can borrow the intelligence of your smarter side to get it into the non-dominant side and really work it until you can get that double chamber. Once you do, it's a fantastic functional exercise to get about fifteen reps on each side of the body You'll feel the shoulders really seated, so it's a great warmup for any kind of throwing, or any kind of pressing work as well. That's our single arm swing with a double chamber on both sides.


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