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This is a mobility and stability strength training exercise for the shoulders, but you'll get hand strength, wrist strength, forearm, and the whole upper extremity from this exercise. It's called the Rattle and Roll [using the RMT Club].

Here's what it looks like:

I'm going to extend my arm and I'm going to swirl the club head. The dynamic shifting load is swirling with the club head; the dynamic shifting load is swirling with that centrifugal force. Then I'll change it and move location. It is an incredible exercise, so let's break it down.

To start out, you can hold it in close and choke up on the club. I like to be right where the rubber meets the hard plastic. What I want to do is I want to move as if I was doing a forehand stroke. I want to create a bigger circle and just feel that and listen to the shifting load. As I get better at it, I want to tighten down the swirl and I can keep it in real close to the body. As I get stronger, I can extend it out and really tighten that swirl.

When you do your non-dominant side, you're most likely going to feel a world of difference. [Check out this video to learn more about Non-Dominant Side Training] So you can really set it up, get in position and then get that swirl going and move the club. It's an extremely powerful exercise.

Now, you can go in the reverse direction as well in sort of like a backhand motion. It's going to be more difficult to coordinate. I like to travel with the forehand motion to the front and the backhand motion to the back. You will feel dialed in after that movement. You will have rock hard stability with great mobility as well. That's the Rattle and Roll with the RMT Club.

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