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This is a shoulder mobility and stability drill called the Up & Over. It's a spiraling action using the RMT Club. I'm using the 4 pound club; you can use a lighter 2 pound club or heavier 6 and 8 pound clubs to vary the intensity.

The movement looks like this:

I'm going to begin in front of my body, keeping the club low. I'm going to go across my body with the club and pronate, rolling the hand inward. I come up with the club, over and behind my head. I come down, dropping the elbow and letting it come inwards, bring the club back down to the starting position and roll down my hand once it gets back to center.

This mobility exercise is really at the bottom and apex of the movement. You want to really think of an up and down movement. You're going to really find a lot of fluidity in the movement. You can regulate how far the elbow comes in and you can move the body with it to create more dynamic integration and rhythm of the shoulder joint.

To start out, go very slowly. You make sure to pronate on the way up, make sure you create length in the triceps as the club approaches the apex of the movement. Bringing it around and down, you can also touch the floor with the club before doing the finishing rotation with the hand. Take it step by step at first until it feels smooth. This is a movement where you're likely to feel a dramatic difference between your dominant and non-dominant side. The key to doing it on your dominant side first, finding that rhythm that makes the movement fluid and then going back and comparing that to your non-dominant side [for non-dominant side training]. That way, the nervous system has a reference point and you can sort of download that coordination when you're doing the non-dominant side. That's our up and over using the RMT club.

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