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Hey guys, what's going on? This is Tony from Tony Cress Personal Training and I'm here with the WeckMethod RMT Club and I'm going to show you a move called the Walking High Knees. This is a very dynamic movement and can be very effective in building the core as well as learning how to locomote, doing things with your upper body.

So a lot of people, once you do something with the upper and lower body at the same time, become a little uncoordinated but this is going to help you train to become more coordinated with both sides of your body.

The first thing we're going to do load the RMT Club in that back position. Remember, we're going to have that right hand on top, right underneath the seam, left hand right on top of the nub here and then what we're going to do is we're going to make sure we have a good stance so you got your feet about hip width apart. What you're going to do is keep your elbows in and find the shortest, quickest possible route to get that club head to float between your shoulder blades.

Once we're in this loaded position without the elbows pointed out so much, we're going to drive a knee up. As we drive that knee up, this is simple enough, but as we drive that knee up, we're going to bring the club up and around to meet. We're not going to bring the knee up high enough so that it hits the club. We're just going to bring that club up and in front and that knee up to meet that little nub, almost to the knee. As we go in locomotion, we're going to do that same thing. We're going to drive here, come back and load, drive with the left, come back and load, drive with the right, come back and load, and so on and so forth.

One of the things that people do with this movement that isn't quite what we're looking for is they'll go a little lackadaisical with the arms. What we're looking for is a solid direction and a solid purpose of the arm movement. So it's not just swinging this out here and letting that come in front of your body. What we're looking for is a vertical placement. This club head is hitting about mouth level. If you're driving that knee up towards the hip, that club head should be vertical in front of the face and then that nub, the bottom of club, should almost come to meet the knee.

Let's watch in locomotion: We load, keep the elbows in, we drive the right knee up, come back and load, drive the left knee up, etc. We can go backwards. Again, we'll do the other side, we'll do the left side to make sure we got both sides of our body, so we're doing that non-dominant side training. So left side, we'll do the same exercise again. And that, my friends, is the walking high knees with the WeckMethod RMT Club.

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