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Hey this is Giovanni Roselli for WeckMethod and today I'm going to review with you the Traveling Figure 8 Exercise using the one and only, RMT Club.

Now the Traveling Figure 8 exercise is an amazing exercise to bring shoulder mobility, high/long chains of motion through that shoulder joint, dynamic core trunk stability (as needed to move the RMT Club through that mid line), as well as lower body strength, stability, balance, and coordination (as I'm traveling forward and even backwards).

What I can do is, start with a simple stationary Figure 8 exercise first, which is something that David has shown you in the past. [Click here to watch the stationary RMT Club Figure 8]. Starting off with a controlled tempo and then gradually increasing your speed as you get more comfortable. You need more mobility and more strength before you start to add more speed.

What we're going to do now is just take that movement and add some footwork and traveling steps forward and backwards. So I'm going to get it going first, making sure my hands go through supination and pronation as I come down and up with the club. Then I'm going to chop over that front leg as we chop back through. As you can see this takes a lot of coordination and synchronization with my upper body and lower body. So now we're talking about connecting that opposite shoulder to hip as we come through dynamically controlling the RMT Club through the core. Nice high long chains of motion through that shoulder, which we talked about.

This can be done as a dynamic warm up, in the middle of a circuit (if you want a little more metabolic challenged exercise), this can also be done as a finisher - at the end of the workout. Take it easy, 1 set to 2 sets at first. Make sure you get the coordination down. Make sure you get your speed down. About 16 reps, so that equates to 8 on each leg. You can always increase sets, reps, and speed from there. That's the traveling Figure 8 exercise using the RMT Club. Check it out and let us know what you think.

About the Author: Giovanni, a graduate of Michol Dalcourt's Institute of Motion Level 1 & 2 mentorships, is currently a Tier 4 Coach for Equinox's private training facility “E" in Greenwich, Connecticut. Additionally, he is a master instructor for ViPR and Kettlebell Athletics. Giovanni is a part of Nike's exclusive trainer network where he is involved in exciting, upcoming projects for the fitness powerhouse. In January 2015, he was selected as one of 14 trainers from around the world by renowned fitness website PTontheNet to be an official global ambassador for the company. You can learn more about Giovanni at or follow him on Twitter @GiovanniRoselli

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