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Produce counter rotation with the RMT® Club's "Swing & Switch" to increase core strength while improving coordination.

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Hi, David Weck here and today I'm going to teach you an exercise using the RMT® Club called the Swing and Switch. 

What this exercise does is that it gives you an amazing ability to counter-rotate, giving you the ability to really have your hips and your shoulders counter-rotating. It'll increase your core strength and it is a massive conditioning exercise. Cardio, big time! Hiit Training that gives you coordination. 

So here's how we're going to do it: you take the RMT® Club, I like a split grip in the beginning so it gives you better control, you're just going to groove this switching of the wrists with the club. I want to touch my shoulder and the key is how you rotate the wrists. If I were to put my thumbs right here, you'll have a neutral, you have rolled over to this side, and then back to neutral and rolled over to this side right here. I want you to tap the back of your shoulder; that targeting is very important. You start out just by learning that swinging motion so you don't hurt the wrists. Any golfers, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, anybody who plays a racquet or bat or any kind of implement stick sport, this is a huge coordinator for power and strength for the wrists. You groove that, just with your feet planted, nice and easy, and then you start to pick up the speed and get that pacing. Now you're going to stagger your step; I'm going to put my left foot in front, I'm going to take the club, I'm going to park it on my left shoulder which rotates me counter to this stance. Now I'm just going to step and switch to the next side and then I'm going to progressively make that together. It is so much fun when you get good at that and it does not take long. You'll feel your heart rate just go up to the max and, like I said, that counter-rotation and coordination, both sides. You're just going to feel like 'Whoa! What can't I do' when I'm really good at that exercise. Now here's the WeckMethod Key: You gotta change your grip so that you train equally on both sides [non-dominant side training]. You're going to feel a significant difference if you're like most people; one side is going to feel cleaner than the other. 

We're going to come now to the other side, take the time to get it right through the wrists first. If you rush this exercise and you just try to jump in with your non-dominant side and make it as good as your dominant side without progressively building it, you can injure your wrists, it won't be as much fun and it won't be as effective. So you go really slow and get that groove, the rolling of the wrists. What makes Tiger Woods so good? Perfect coordination through the wrists. He translates all of this into that. So here, grooving it, touching the shoulders, now we're going to set it up where we stagger, park the club and that same side, you counter-rotate and now just step right there, get a little review of this movement, and now we can pick it up. Thirty seconds of that, fast as you can go, it's an amazing set.

Like I said from the start, its counter-rotation that will help you run better, have you hit better, help you be a better athlete at a fundamental level. The core strength that you develop will be extraordinary and cardio with coordination extrordinaire, high-intensity exercise. So David Weck here, I'm going to sign off, I'm at Fitness Quest 10, home of champions, San Diego California. If you have questions, comments, send them in, I'll answer them and address them. That's a fantastic exercise, follow us at @weckmethod. I'll see you next time.

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