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Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm teaching you an exercise with the RMT Club called the Halo Roll with Sudden Deceleration.

Here's what it looks like. It's a fantastic exercise for teaching you to integrate your body's rotation, have balance, symmetry, and power, forces you to brace and breathe. It's great for interval sets. It's the Halo Roll with Sudden Deceleration. Now let's break this exercise down. What we want to do is we want to make sure that we're rotating the body congruently and the sudden deceleration is all unified so that my arms are framed up with my chest and shoulders and the back hip is rotating with that to create a unified rotation. Then when it bring it over, I let the club go from side to side and then hit the other side. So it's here and stop it, here and stop it. I can regulate how far I am rotating. I can rotate far or I can rotate near and create that sudden deceleration. That's going to force me to brace and breathe and really put the brakes on and then accelerate out of that rotation.

Now you want to be sure to do the other side with the hands. So, you do it with a dominant grip, you do it with a non-dominant grip [for non-dominant side training], and you're really working on that fluidity and then the stop. Fluidity and stop. Like I said, fantastic exercise for intervals. It will really tax you and give you a lot of great coordination and rotational balance and power. That's the Halo Roll with Sudden Deceleration.

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