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This is an RMT Club exercise called The Overhead Swing with Rotation. Here's what it looks like from the front, and here's what it looks like from the back. It's a fantastic conditioning move but the athletic benefits are huge. Balance - you're going to be rotating and pivoting the feet while swinging the club as fast and as hard as you can and then slamming on the brakes. So that gives you a core connection from the hands down to the feet, it gives you rotational coordination, strength, and power. And the whole thing adds up into incredible athletic balance and you do it with both hands, both directions.

So let's break it down. The key is the footwork. You need to get the pivot first, so just start practicing a pivot, so that you can switch, put the weight on the front foot, pivot the rear foot. The rear foot is going to pivot more than the front foot to go in line with the amount of rotation that you have. So as I am coming here, it's the rear foot that unifies my body with this rotation. I come to a full range of motion, where I feel the stretch all the way up arm, the shoulder, lats - down to the hips, down to the ground, and I slam on the brakes and try to change directions as fast as I possibly can. Then I come up, I'm switching the feet, I want the club to be coming out from the body (I don't want to swing it narrow, like this), I want a big centrifugal action fast as I can swing it, down to the other side. And now when you reach that other side, you come full range of motion and its change directions as fast as you possibly can.

So you'll do your non-dominant side as well [for non-dominant side training], using a split grip find that spot, go very slow at first, just paint by numbers at first. So get that movement, paint by numbers, and then gradually increase the speed with that centrifugal force and find it.

You can vary how much you hop/skip with the turn, meaning I can be here and ultimately progress to changing so that my feet jump and switch. It's your choice in how far you want that distance to travel from basically nothing to a full on hop to both sides. Practice that move very slowly at first, find the balance, increase the speed, keep it smooth, and then go all out with that exercise. It is a tremendous conditioning move that will yield those athletic benefits that I said: balance, core strength/stability/and integration, rotational coordination, strength, speed, and power.

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