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What's up guys, this is Tony from Tony Cress personal training and today I'm going to show you the WeckMethod RMT Club Chop with Opposite Knee Raise.

This is going to be a little be different than some of the traditional exercises we do with the club. We're going to do both sides, both hands but what we're going to do is start out as if you're doing the Swing & Switch for the most part. So take one leg, that opposite leg and step back. And you can go deep into a lunge or even stay up high with it. The idea is to start with the right hand on top, right shoulder side and what we're going to do is bring the knee up as we come across and down.

Some of the things you can do to make this exercise a little bit more difficult, a little bit more challenging on the core is to bring it down and across more. So the more I get my right arm across my body and lift that leg, the more core engagement we're going to get. The faster I speed this movement up, the more core engagement we're going to get as well because I have to use that deceleration to get this [RMT Club] to stop.

So again we can go here, down, down, down. We do both sides for the movement [for non-dominant side training]. We're going to get a lot of core engagement and our upper body working because we're moving the arms. We'll switch sides and do the same thing on the other side. There you have your Chop with Opposite Knee Raise.

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