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I'm going to show you an exercise called the Side to Side Release & Catch using the LifeSaver Rope. This exercise will require a tremendous amount of hand and forearm strength, coordination, and tying it all into the core for powerful rotation.

You're going to pick up your lifesaver rope, fingers are on the inside on either side. You're going to create a swinging motion. And what that's going to do is it's going to feel like the hands are opening to one side, and they are crossing on the other side. We can change the exercise, depending upon which side we release and catch from.

So the first one I'll do is from the cross to open. So here, I'm crossed and I catch it open. You can create that coordination and it's great for the forearms, great for the hands, great for coordination. Now, if I release from the open side, now I'm catching with the hands crossed. It's a little more challenging. It's a great movement for that lateral rotation, flexibility through the shoulders and the lats, hand and forearm strength, coordination to the core. That's your Side to Side Release and Catch using the LifeSaver Rope.

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