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I'm going to show you an exercise called the Handle to Handle Swings [using the LifeSaver Rope]. It looks like this: Hold on to an outside handle with one hand, you're going to get a swing going (just in the front), and then you're going to switch the hands on the handle. Hinge through the hips and really use the lower body, and center the pelvis to initiate that swing and just change the hand on the handle.

Now what we're going to do is, we're going to start to rotate and spin the LifeSaver so you're catching the next handle. For more of a challenge: you're going to spin it in a single hand, and repeat that swing going handle to handle on that.

You may find that the technique necessary to really get it is to essentially put the hand in position here [right before the handle], set your hand, and get it ready to now grab onto the handle without just trying to grab the handle at first. It creates tremendous coordination, hand and forearm strength, and you're really tying everything in to the core. That's your Handle to Handle Swings.

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