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I'm going to show you an exercise called Rotating Lunges [using the LifeSaver Rope].

Here's how it goes: Hold the LifeSaver by its outside handles, you're going to lunge with the opposite foot to the side of the forward foot, so that we're getting that contralateral rotation. We're going to bring it up and over and rotate the lunge. Start in the lunge, go up and over, and change the feet to get the lunge on the other side. Repeat it the other way back, alternating lunge pattern with the rope.

If it's too difficult, you can bend arms and bring it in closer. This will make the movement easier so you can learn it. As you get better at it, you will want to project that rope as if you were going to throw it to the other side. Make sure to change the feet for that lunge. Those are Rotating Lunges for the LifeSaver Rope.

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