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I'm going to show you an exercise called Front Circles with the LifeSaver Rope. I'll show you two versions of the exercise.

First one is: You're going to hold the handles on the outside of the LifeSaver and you're going to set your feet up (so that they're ready for balance and rotation), and then you're going to circle the LifeSaver in front of you. You really want to stabilize and control and create that centrifugal force where the lifesaver is coming out. You can stop it and go in the other direction.

Next version is to add a rotation to it. [Click here to read more about the benefits of Rotational Movement Training].So I get it going in my circle and then add a rotation, 180 degrees, and back. Really going to have to have fast feet so that you can set up that rotation when you get to the other side. That's Front Circles with the LifeSaver Rope.

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