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I'm going to show you three versions of an exercise we call the Wall Strike with the LifeSaver Rope. The key difference will be the degree of rotation through your hands. You'll rotate neutral, you'll rotate with the hands changing vertically, then you'll rotate with the hands changing all the way over to fully crossed.

So you pick up your LifeSaver Rope by it's outside handles and stand about 18 inches from the wall. Find the distance that works for you; just want to make sure that you don't hit your knuckles against the wall during any of these strikes and you find that right range and proper distance to get your rotation.

Start nice and neutral, rotate the back foot and keep the toes in line with the navel. Keep a nice, solid frame with the body by rotating the back foot.

Next, turn the rope over and hit it flat. This requires more rotation and it's a little bit more intense compared to the neutral strikes.

Next, you turn it all the way over and hit with the opposite side of the rope. You can vary them, do different strikes as you progress and have a lot of fun with that exercise.

It's a fantastic move for conditioning, balance and rotational power [Rotational Movement Training] . Those are wall strikes with the LifeSaver Rope.

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