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The RMT Club is a great tool to feel which muscles are firing throughout your swing.

What we're going to do is we're going to get in the golf posture and we're going to take a swing. We're going to set the club just like you would a normal club and now we're going to take a back swing; what you want to feel is you're trying to hit six inches above each time, but you're going to bring it back each time. You're doing kind of a little ratchet, you want to hear the shot shifting inside the club.

We're going to go from the top, we're going to come back and we're going to go throughout the whole swing back to impact. This is important: you want to go from impact to the top of the back swing. Do that about five times, you're really going to feel those muscles in your core firing, that lower body firing (here’s another lower body exercise)

Once you've done that three to five times, we're going to shift hands [for non-dominant side training™] and we're going to take it to the finish. So we're doing the exact same thing, listen for those shots to shift inside the club and come back. Awesome exercise to feel those core muscles firing, the lower body firing. This is a great golf exercise using the RMT Club.

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