The Side to Side Pendulum Lunge: Get Your Club Now

A dynamic, skill-based move with the RMT® Club. A great exercise that incorporates upper rotational movement training with a lower body footwork pattern that increases agility.

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Hi, David Weck here and today I'm going to teach you an exercise called the side to side pendulum lunge. I'm using the RMT CIub.

I begin with a little bit of a split grip so I increase my club control. The move gives me footwork, it gives me high intensity cardio and it opens and expands my body, so it's a really beneficial exercise. Here's what it looks like in slow-motion.

I'm gonna start by swinging the club down through and I jump to a lunge position, bringing the club up overhead. I want to make sure that the back is in a good position without arching it down here. Now, as I'm swinging the club over, I'm going to switch my feet to, essentially, straight ahead as I swing down and I just repeat to the other side, jump into lunge and what's key with a single club, I'm going to show you two clubs in a moment, is that I don't wanna hit the spine. So here, I want that club control where I bring it right there, right there with a good lower back, so that's the key. Now here's what the movement looks like at speed. So I'm going to come here, jump the lunge, jump the lunge; Watch my feet, and I'm trying to just kiss that back knee, hard beats.

Now, WeckMethod, we want to do both sides [non-dominant side training™], okay? You will feel different and you want to maintain that same amount of club control with both sides. Now let me show you two clubs. So with two clubs, complexity goes up, control required goes up. You can choke up if necessary, or put them in here just make sure you keep very solid grip on the clubs. If it's wet, dry it off. Under no circumstance can you release these things. Go slow that you won't. So same exact thing except I may give myself a little bit of a tap when I bring it up overhead. Still going to maintain a real good position with the lower back. So I swing it up into position and I'm dealing with a substantial amount of weight even though these are only four-pounders.

Wow, and that gets the heart beating [hiit training] and you really also open up that hip flexor in a very dynamic manner as you're switching your feet and rotating your body. It is fun. So check it out, try it out, RMT club. If you have questions let me know and I'll see next time, thanks.

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